5 Best WhatsApp Useful Apps for Android in 2022

1 - Chat 

Have you ever wanted to find out more about the online activities of the people you love or who they are texting with on messaging apps? Now you can do this easily!

Chat is the perfect one-stop WhatsApp usage  and your reliable assistant in monitoring how much time your loved ones spend chatting on WhatsApp and when they are online.

Key Features of Chat :

1️⃣ 24/7 tracking
Keep track of WhatsApp online activities throughout day and night, even if the last seen status is hidden.

2️⃣ Online last seen reports
Receive detailed reports to analyze WhatApp usage patterns.

3️⃣ Instant notifications
Get real-time notification alerts once the contact you are tracking becomes online or offline on WhatsApp.

4️⃣ Multiple contacts tracking
Monitor the last seen statuses of several numbers at once to check if they are speaking with each other.

5️⃣ Easy-to-use
Simple and assistive design, a seamless tracking process, and intuitive navigation will make your experience enjoyable and easy.

6️⃣ Continuous support
If you need anything or have any questions at all, we’ll gladly assist you and provide you with support in the shortest time.

7️⃣ Free trial
Try Chat  free for 3 days and experience its unlimited functionality, no strings attached.

Do you aim to monitor your own online activity and control the time you spend on WhatsApp? Or are you a caring parent who wants to view when your kids are online on WhatsApp to manage their screen time effectively and improve their well-being?

Being the best mix of ease-to-use and handy parental control features, Chat  is exactly what you need. Chat is intended for family or enterprise use, so please make sure to go over our terms of service.

Chat does not abuse WhatsApp Privacy Policy or Terms of Service in any way. We do not have access to your personal data: we only report information that is publicly available.

2 - WaStat - WhatsApp 

WaStat can:

★ show online last seen time
★ display all time intervals in a handy clock view
★ help you collect and analyze online stats for the last 30 days
★ monitor up to 10 profiles
★ send you notifications as soon as person is online
★ provide you support in shortest period

Best app to track WhatsApp online status.

Trying to control time you spent on social networks and online messengers? Or maybe you are a caring parent that don't want his children to waste time with no sense? Then maybe you will find WaStat app very useful for your needs. This time can monitor all your activity in WhatsApp Messanger and display in handy clock view. You can also observe last 30 days statistic in charts. WaStat is best assistant for Wasap online last seen.

This app does not abuse WhatsApp privacy policy and terms of usage. It does not hack accounts in any way.

We will provide unlimited updates on more social networks and messangers to our regular clients.

3 - Whats 

Are looking for the perfect solution to track your profile visitors? If yes then you are at the right place here. Now it is easy to check out who viewed your WhatsApp profile with few taps. 

The Whats app is here to help you in an easy and simple approach. You can now check the list of contacts available on WhatsApp, visitors who viewed your profile and visited whose profile you have viewed in the past time. So you can enjoy all the three facilities at one single platform.  

The best WhatsApp sending message app is a convenient platform to send messages to anyone without saving his or her number. It is a safe and secure platform for those who deal with sending the message. 

Whats Features:

Direct Chat– No matter whether you have saved the number of anyone or not. You can directly send the message on anyone’s WhatsApp profile just by searching the number. It is a useful feature for professionals who wish to send the bulk message.

Search Profile– Enter the number and find the WhatsApp profile of the person. If the profile does not exist it will not come in the result. It is a simple and easy process to find out the profile of any person.

Profile visitor– Check out the list of WhatsApp contacts, the person who visited your profile and list of the person whose profiles you have visited.

Restore deleted message– Are you curious to know about the deleted message in WhatsApp? Then this option is useful. If the sender has deleted the sent message, then also you will be able to check out the message in the restore deleted message feature.

Status Saver: It happens many times that we like other WhatsApp status and want to save it. But unfortunately, there is no feature for such a facility. Whats Web solve out this problem and with the help of it, you could save other’s status and use them at any time. With the WhatsApp new status feature, all status automatically disappears after 24 hours. 

Clean interface: The application is having a clean interface that makes it user-friendly.

Theme: Change the theme as per your convenience

Share: Share the app with your friends and family

Rate us: We welcome your ratings for our app. Give a rating as per your experience.

So keep tracking of the visitors anytime or anywhere with your device. Whats is always helpful for you.

Now you can know whether your crush is visiting your WhatsApp profile or not. So enjoy accessing this WhatsApp visitor  app. 

Disclaimer: Whats  is created by us. It is neither an official WhatsApp application nor associated with WhatsApp Inc.

4 - Online For WhatsApp

It is now very easy to monitor the online status of your children or family members. Thanks to wpro - Whatsapp Online , Last Seen tracking application, you can monitor and report your children's online status while using the social media messaging application WhatsApp.
Today, with the development of technology day by day, dozens of different social media applications have entered our lives and have found their place in the corners of our smart devices. WhatsApp, which is the most famous application among messaging applications, is also available on our, our children's and family members' phones. The time spent by children is very important in these practices, which do not have any age restrictions, and it is recommended by experts that parents follow this and maintain this activity in a controlled manner. Wpro - Whatsapp Online , Free Last Seen  application offers this opportunity to parents easily.

What Does Wpro - Whatsapp Online , Last Seen Provide You?

Thanks to this application, you can view the time your children are online on Whatsapp in hours, minutes and seconds. In addition, you can easily see the time spent on WhatsApp, and you can also use the feature to notify you instantly when online or offline. In addition, by adding your own number to the Free Last Seen  application, you can check the time you spend on WhatsApp and take control of your own social media activity.

How to Use Wpro - Whatsapp Online , Last Seen App?

Open the application, add the number you want to follow without the need to open any account.
You can turn notifications on or off as you wish. Whatsdog, Thanks to the notification feature, as long as you are connected to the internet, you will be notified instantly when the number you follow enters and exits WhatsApp.
You can purchase monthly or weekly packages to track multiple numbers at once.
With different package options, you can buy packages for the period you want (monthly / weekly) and within the budget and add numbers.
In addition, you can give names to the number you are watching as you wish,

Other Features

Multiple language options.
You can follow any number from all over the world and view the online / offline status at any time.
Instant access to the privacy policy and terms of use.
Download now to view the WhatsApp activity status of your children or loved ones with wpro - Whatsapp Online Tracking, Last Seen tracking application and be instantly informed.

5 - Yansa - for Whatsapp:

Yansa allows you to track and scan activity statistics in applications such as vk, whatsapp, and telegram. Just add a profile to collect statistics and even if you are offline, our app will work 24/7!
In our app you can add up to 10 vk, whatsapp or telegram profiles, and view analytics for each profile with a choice of dates and time intervals. Statistics are displayed up to the second!
You will be able to receive push notifications every time one of the added vk, whatsapp or telegram profiles status is online or offline.

Our tools work with vk, tg plus whatsapp, profiles all the time, regardless of whether you are offline or logged out of the app!

Main features of the app :
Tracking user activity in vk, tg, whats;
App work offline and when app is turned off;
Detailed Analytics for each profile;
Getting push notifications about profile activity;
Lack of authorization and registration;
Ability to track up to 10 profiles simultaneously;
24/7 support;
Trial period for a day.
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