13 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2022

Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

This will be the list of WhatsApp tips that should be helpful for you in many cases. You will find that this app is not just about functionality but also productivity at its core.



1. Message Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp

Almost every messaging app has a blocking feature. So does WhatsApp. If you get into someone’s block list, you will find it impossible to send them private messages through the app.

What if you want to explain yourself or convey important information? If that is the case, here are the WhatsApp tips that you can do.

Message the WhatsApp number through SMS or text. Do not forget that WhatsApp still relies on mobile numbers. And if you have the person on your WhatsApp list, you most likely have their number.

Create a new account with a different number on the same smartphone. Yes, this is the simplest way to message someone who blocked you. Since you will be using the same phone, that means the same phone book will appear on the new WhatsApp account.

Finally, if you are both a member of a group on WhatsApp, you can use that group to leave a message to the person you want to message.

2. Prevent Anyone From Knowing You Read a Message

Sometimes there are one or two people in your phonebook that you want to avoid talking to, but you also do not want to block them. If this is your problem, this WhatsApp tip will make you smile.

Since WhatsApp has the “tick” feature, the person on the other end will know if you read the message or not. One grey tick means delivered, two grey ticks mean received, and blue ticks as read. To disable the ticks, go to Settings>>Account>>Privacy and uncheck Read Receipts.

There is a downside to this WhatsApp trick. Disabling this feature will also lose your ability to see whether the message you sent has been read or not. If that is alright with you, then this your best option. Besides, you can always enable it anytime.

An alternative to this method is by enabling Flight Mode or Airplane mode on your phone after receiving a message. Check the message you received and close WhatsApp immediately. Then disable airplane mode again. You read the message, and the blue tick is not activated. Simple but tricky.

3. Bold, Italics, Monospace, and Strikethrough

If you get bored with the basic text formatting on WhatsApp, here are is a WhatsApp tip that will offer some little twists for you.

On WhatsApp text formatting, you can do bold, strikethrough, monospace, and italics on specific words or sentences. Here’s how to do these WhatsApp tricks.

Bold – If you want to make a word bold, place an asterisk before and after the word. *word*

Strikethrough – To create a word with strikethrough or line across it, put tilde characters before and after the word. ~word~

Monospace – This style of formatting is similar to italics but with a more vertical look. To do this, put triple ticks before and after a word. ”’word”’

Italic – To express a foreign word or slang, italics are the best way to say it. To do this, place an underline before and after a word. _word_

4. Change Number by Keeping the Same Account

If you want to change your WhatsApp number but still use the existing account, you can officially do that. WhatsApp application does have an option to do this.

Go to Settings>> Account>> Change Number. You will get a screen with two fields, in which you should enter the old and new phone numbers.

Once you do it and hit Done, you will get an OTP on the second phone number. As you finish the authentication, you can have the same account on the second phone number.

5. Change WhatsApp Background

As much as customization goes, WhatsApp is not left behind. You can use any wallpaper as the background of your WhatsApp account. You can even use your own image for this.

To do this, you only need to follow this WhatsApp tip. Follow the Settings>> Chats>> Wallpaper. And then, pick a picture to make your background for the chats.

WhatsApp will show a preview to let you know how the wallpaper would look like. If you like it, you can hit SET. That’s it.

6. Share Your Location With Your Friends

Do you want to let your friends or family know where you are? Then, you can share your current location with them in a single tap.

This feature is also best for parents that want to know where their kids are when going outdoor and stuff. Just as long as this WhatsApp trick is used responsibly, there shouldn’t be an issue.

To activate this, open the WhatsApp messenger and choose any conversation. Then, hit the Attachment section and choose location. In case your GPS is off, you will be asked to turn it on. Do it. There you go!

7. Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Phone

Have you ever wondered if you can use Two WhatsApp for your two SIMs on one phone? Well, if you have, then you just hit the jackpot.

You can use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone using a simple app called Parallel Space. This is not a native WhatsApp feature, but it is a trick worth doing for a purpose.

Another way to experience two dual WhatsApp accounts on one phone is by downloading the WhatsApp Business version. This is an official app on Play Store, so it is safe to use. For more information about this topic, check out the article about dual WhatsApp on one Android phone.

8. Minimum Data Consumption on WhatsApp Calls

These next WhatsApp tricks are for those users that are on a very low and limited data plan. This WhatsApp trick will help you save more data and use the remaining data on other, more important tasks.

For calls, you only need to go to Settings >> Data & Storage Usage >> Call Settings. Under the Call Settings, activate the “Low data usage.”

For receiving multimedia files such as pictures and videos go to

Settings >> Data & Storage Usage >> Media Auto-Download. You can choose which type of multimedia you want to load immediately.

9. Reply to a Particular Message on WhatsApp Group

Group messages are sometimes messy especially when all of you send messages at once. But what if you only want to reply to a particular message on the group chat? Here is what you should do.

Long press on a message you want to reply to. You will see a reply option at the top of your screen. Just type your message and press Send. It will be sent as a quoted reply.

10. Save a Particular Message as Starred

Have an important message that you want to keep so that you can find it later? Well, this WhatsApp trick will let you highlight a particular message by tapping the “Star.”

Then you will find it in the Starred Messages option. Just press on a message for some time and mark that message as starred.

11. Create a Shortcut of a Particular Chat/Contact

We all have that one person with whom we frequently have a chat throughout the day. Now, rather than opening WhatsApp every time you send or they send a text, you can create an easy shortcut on your home screen.

To do this, long-press on a contact/chat, go to three dots at the top right corner and select the option Add Chat Shortcut. That person is now one tap away from your messages.

12. WhatsApp on Windows PC/Laptop

If you spend a lot of time in front of a Windows PC or laptop, this WhatsApp tip will be very useful for you. You can now access all your WhatsApp contacts and chats using Windows devices.

Unlike the WhatsApp web version, this one is a standalone app. This means that this will work without your web browser. You will only need to have your phone with WhatsApp installed since it will request verification using that app.

If you are interested in this app. it is available from WhatsApp’s official page. Click the download button below to get the installer.

13. How to Deactivate WhatsApp Calling

If you do not want to receive a call from someone, there is a hidden feature in WhatsApp for that. All you need is to activate Mute on a specific contact.

To do this, open the chat box of contact within the WhatsApp messenger. Tap on the name of the person located on top of the chat. This will show the person’s profile.

Under the profile details, activate the Mute Notifications for a preferred period of time or minutes. . This will disable all notifications coming from this person. Choose how long you want it muted. Choose from 8 hours to 1 full year. You can also archive messages and avoid audio messages/voice messages and video calls.

But if you only want to stop receiving calls from the person but still want to see the messages, make sure to tick the checkbox below that says “Show Notifications.” That’s it.

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