Top 2 Best Xray Body Scanner Simulator Apps

XRAY Scanner X-ray Doctor App

Enjoy the most attractive new xray scanner simulator by playing body xray scanner games 2022. It's time to have some fun with real x-ray body scanner games and play real doctor simulator games to become an excellent X-ray surgeon in doctor games. Playing a real doctor's XRAY scanner new games will provide you with joy and fun. 


In fun mobile games 2022, this Xray scan filter offline doctor hospital games gives you the opportunity to study the human body's bone structure through the given cartoonish photos and information. This is a 2022 offline hospital Dr Game.

This entertaining free doctor mobile games is interesting for medical lovers because there is so much to learn from this girls XRAY bod y scanner game 2022. In this man and girls xray body scan simulator, you can scan the x-ray anatomy of a human 3D model by selecting either the upper or lower body of the given cartoonish photos.

This XRAY Scanner X-ray Doctor Game is not showing the bones in your hands, feet and back (etc.). This x-ray scanner photo filter simulator only show the given cartoonish model bone. In this real learning Xray doctor games, you can’t upload a photo from the gallery, you can’t use a mobile camera for scanning body because this xray hospital doctor games have already given you a cartoonish 3D photo for scanning and learning body parts and you can learn about hand bones, knee bones, foot bones, upper body parts, and lower body parts. This is not a real X-ray hand scanner and not a real knee X-ray scanner for bones, it’s a game for medical lovers.


This is not a real Xray body scanner camera app, it’s only an X-ray hospital games and you can learn only from the given 3D model body photos.


1:- start this full body xray scanner simulator app.

2:- select your gender.

3:- Select full or half body.

4:- You can check many xray filters .

Xray Body Scanner - Xray Doctor SIMULATION GAME:

GAMES HIVE presents one of the best games in category of cartoony Xray body scanning games with beautiful in-game graphics and nice game play. In this body camera photo scanner app, you can also scan the skull, internal skull, rib, shoulder, pelvis, and knee of the inside of the human body.

In this body scanner free scanner app to scan body in doctor games you can find full body parts images just click on the photo then you can easily scan and view the inside of the body with full information of every bone.

This body scanner doctor game is used only as a human body learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional and learns about the full human body. Additionally, this Xray body scanner doctor game is ideal for physicians, educators, or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their students or patients in the hospital - helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments, joints, bone information, and injuries.

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