Yellow Filter For Video Editing (VN Video Editor)

Filter For Video Editing

In this article we provide you (yellow) filter for video editing, you can use this filter both in mobile & computer applications, for mobile you can use only (VN - Video Editor) application, but in computer you can use any editing software like filmora, premiere pro, Sony Vagas Pro, Etc by just using 3d lut tools. for more information please check my YouTube channel VEERU EDITS.


Use powerful video filter presets to create beautiful videos online in seconds. In just a few clicks, your videos will look professionally shot. With VEDs, we provide you with powerful color classification tools in one convenient online video editor. We have a catalog of preset video filters and color controls for editing exposure, brightness, saturation and more. Our filters are reliable and used by professional filmmakers and influencers around the world.

Fast Video Editor with Filters

Just click on different presets, compare looks and choose the one that you like the most. No extra actions!

Easy-to-use Tool

You can use the tool without encountering any issues even if you have never edited anything by yourself. The interface is completely intuitive.

Video, Everywhere

Filter works right in your browser, so you can add filters to your videos on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone & iPad iOS, and any mobile device.

Adjust your video or apply a filter

Select one of our preset filters, or adjust your video manually by changing the brightness, constrast, saturation, and more. Click Apply Filter or Done Adjusting button to commit your changes.

How to apply 3D LUTs in Adobe Premiere Pro

There are many ways to apply 3D LUTs in Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro CC and above support 3D LUTs natively. How to apply a 3D LUT to your footage inside Premiere Pro. Have in mind that Premiere Pro refers to applying a 3D LUT as Lumetri Color or Lumetri panel LUT. In the following you will learn how to use LUT in Adobe Premiere.

1.Load your project
2.Open the Effects tab
3.Go to Video Effects > Color Correction > Lumetri Color or write Lumetri Color
4.Drag the Lumetri Color effect onto your clip
5.Under Effects Control load the 3D LUT you’d like to apply to your footage.
6.If you’re loading a Camera to Alexa Color space LUT, go to Basic Correction > Input LUT > Browse and choose the desired converter LUT.
7.If you’re loading a creative LUT, go to Creative > Look > Browse and choose the desired creative LUT.
8.Your LUT is applied.


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