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SHIELD is the best way to enjoy premium Android™ games—from family favorites and indie hits to advanced games with rich graphics and intense multiplayer action.

Stream the incredible performance of GeForce® GTX gaming graphics to your SHIELD device with GeForce NOW™Steam your PC games from popular digital stores or free-to-play titles to your SHIELD device with GeForce NOW™. And only on SHIELD, get started with a selection of free games.. Simply click on any GeForce NOW game in the NVIDIA Games app to start playing.

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Game your way, with the NVIDIA Games app on SHIELD.

few years ago, NVIDIA announced Nvidia GeForce Now. GeForce Now allows users to stream games from an NVIDIA server onto a computer, allowing intensive games to be run of modest hardware. The computer client has been running really well for the past few years. Recently, Nvidia announced that they would be releasing an Android client for playing PC games on the go. Now, the NVIDIA GeForce Now app is finally available for Android users.

Nvidia GeForce Now is pretty similar to Google’s Stadia, but also different in its own way. Both services stream games from a cloud server to your device with little latency at high quality and frame rates. Nvidia GeForce Now is powered by Nvidia RTX cards while Stadia is powered by custom AMD chips. 

They both play games well. The major difference is how you get the games. Nvidia GeForce Now links to major game providers like Steam, Epic Games, and Batte.net, while Stadia aims to be a marketplace for games along with a game streaming service. Both are subscriptions with paid options. Nvidia will charge per hour and prices will vary depending on the GPU. Stadia has a $10 per month option with 4K 60fps and it comes with a few games. Stadia also has a free option, assuming you buy the game through Stadia.

The Android customer is really simple to utilize. On the off chance that you approach the beta, you should simply sign into your Nvidia account. From that point forward, it will stack every one of the games either in your library or on the bolstered stages. For me, it didn't show each game in my Steam library in light of the fact that only one out of every odd Steam game is completely upheld. 

I gave playing for somewhat a shot my Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Fold and both play well indeed. There was some minor bundle misfortune, yet it was really rare and didnt keep going for over 5 seconds. It additionally works over LTE, however I didn't have a chance to test the experience over LTE. The following is a screen recording of DOOM from my Galaxy Fold utilizing GeForce Now.


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