LiquidSky Account free Use on android

LiquidSky is the perfect app for gamers because it converts your Android into a PC, letting you play computer games on your smartphone. The app is free, but in order to use it, you have to pay for the service by subscribing to one of its plans.

When you set up your LiquidSky account, you'll probably notice the interface looks just like a PC desktop. You can use this desktop just like a PC desktop, installing your favorite games and playing them on your Android. Since most PC games require a keyboard and mouse or controller, you can use any of these options that are adapted for Android.

You need a stable Internet connection and Android 6.0 or higher to use LiquidSky. It's also best to use LiquidSky within 500 kilometers from one of its data centers, which are located in San Jose, CA; Dallas, TX; Washington D.C.; Frankfurt, Germany; London, England; and Hong Kong.

With LiquidSky, you can open your Steam account on your Android and play hundreds of PC games that you never thought would run.



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