Xbox One SmartGlass is the ideal companion application for the Xbox One. Users can now control their new Microsoft console from anywhere: home, work, the sidewalk... wherever you are, you can stay connected to your games and your fellow players.

At home, you can navigate the Xbox One console with your device's keyboard, which is much more convenient than using the traditional controller, especially when you are trying to browse online or write in different menus.

You can also use Xbox One SmartGlass to control multimedia elements, using it as a remote controller. Use it to surf the Internet on your television.

Other features include the ability to write and read instant messages with other users of the console, and keep track of all your high scores and other game achievements. Now, you can check out your scores at any time.

Xbox One SmartGlass is the perfect companion for Xbox One gamers who want to amplify their experience and carry it with them everywhere.

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