GTA 5 Android BETA / TREVOR TEST - FAN MADE (Download)

Mechanic Skill (Probably merged with Driving skill)
Players would be able to go through Drive-Thrus at Up'n'Atom (seen in Up'n'Atom Commercial)
Players were able to order Tacos at the Taco Van

Michael looked much older and had more wrinkles and grayer hair
Franklin had lighter skin and looked a bit different
Tracy had a another outfit (seen in the artwork Tracy and Jimmy)

The Mission Caidie Libre was originally called Vinewood Babylon
The Mission Caidie Libre would have had Franklin chasing down the crashing plane instead of Trevor
There would have been an extra heist involving the 3 protagonists robbing a rich guys mansion dressed as clowns or mimes stealing artwork and kidnapping his wife (probably merged with the Madrazo sub-plot)
There was possibly another heist involving a 'Heat'-style bank robbery where the 3 protagonists dressed in suits and balaclavas had a massive shoot-out with the LSPD in the LS downtown core (Probably removed due to similarities with the GTA IV mission 3 Leaf Clover- A screenshot with Michael in a white suit not available in the game and numerous artworks with the 3 protagonists dressed in suits and balaclavas can be found)
The Heat styled heist was possibly a beta version of the Big Score: Loud approach
The mission Pack Man took place in the Davis Strawberry area instead of Paleto Bay (seen in screenshots and the second trailer)
The mission Minor Turbulence had Trevor driving a Canis Crusader out of the cargo plane not a Merry Weather Mesa. Possibly in the beta it was a Military jet he robbed not a Merry Weather (Seen in second trailer)
A mission involving Michael DeSanta stealing a fighter jet for Solomon.
Michael originally used the normal pistol during the mission Three's Company
Three's Company originally called The Extraction
A Mission involving the use of a forklift was cut
A mission that including a appearance of Brucie Kibbutz was cut (fully modeled for GTA V- voice appearance in GTA: Online)
Vigilante Missions removed
Drug Dealing was removed
Pimping was removed
Mini-Games like basketball, air hockey, pool, weightlifting, stealing/ exporting were cut
The hunting side mission originally had a different HUD
Michael had a 2 cut random encounters, both with a lady called Magenta
Franklin had 2 more sets of random encounters, 2 for a guy called Dale, and 5 between 2 fighting neighbors

Chop wore just a plain brown collier
There were more dog breeds (eg. Huskies)
Horses were in the game (removed for unknown reasons, as files would have been similar to Red Dead Redemption)

The Glock was removed for unknown reasons (LSPD officers can be seen with fully modeled Glocks in their holsters)
The Fire Extinguisher was removed (seen in the Pisswasser commercial)
The Monkey-Wrench was removed (seen in Rehab Island commercial- same model as in By The Book- most likely removed to stop compilation videos of people beating up peds with the wrench overplayed with the song " Don't wanna be a Monkey Wrench" By the Foo Fighters
Some weapons had the Green tint by default
Some weapons had an older more realistic wood-cast model (probably removed due to copy-right reasons
The M9 had a darker skin
Laser sights were cut
There was a shovel removed
An assault sniper rifle was cut (Seen in leaked DLC screens, possible DLC return)


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